Are your decals the same as "kiss-cut" stickers?

No, we do not carry "kiss-cut" stickers or dry transfers. Beginners often start out with stickers or dry transfers because it's what came with the model or it's a more familiar process. Stickers are either die-cut or kiss-cut and there's an adhesive film covering the backer sheet. Dry transfers are printed on the underside of the plastic carrier sheet. Most miniature model builders and experienced commission painters prefer waterslide decals, which is the type of product we carry.

Frankly, we consider waterslide decals as a far superior product. The way they are applied blends more naturally and seamlessly with the model if done properly. Customers that have tried to use "stickers" versus waterslide decals  (aka transfers) quickly discover the process of applying stickers might take less time, but the end result is inferior. Stickers will look fake and will have a white background around the edges. The product that you prefer really depends on the final look you want. Fallout Hobbies doesn't personally use or advocate stickers, as they scream "toy" over "scale model", due to their thickness.