I love your products and I'd love to print them myself! Can you share your files?

It's our policy not to share source files whether it's JPEG, PNG, AI, PSD, STL, or OBJ. As a designer and an experienced cook of a few decades, I can assure you that the use of layers, transparency effects, photo cropping, text shaping, color pallets, is very much like a recipe. When you buy a cake, for example, you do not get the recipe or access to the physical ingredients. Like with software or a website, you get the product, not the toolchain. The same thing applies to graphics or designs. When you're buying one of our products, you're getting the end result, which is the stencil, decal sheet, 3D printed piece, etc. We don't share the images or 3D design files that could then be replicated, possibly using inferior materials, and then it could get confused or labeled as a Fallout Hobbies product.

We do offer reprints if you need them for a reduced rate which doesn't require paying our design fee a second time since we've already done that part :) Reprints can be ordered through our website here: https://www.fallouthobbies.com/custom by selecting just the Additional Print option. I hope that helps!

Again, thank you for being a loyal Fallout Hobbies customer!